Woo hooo, that’s a wrap!!

Ok, no actually it isn’t, there’s still tons to do. Next up, coloring 128 pages. Mmm hmm. Then Thai translation, prep for printing, PR, distribution…

But still, the STORY is finished. From October 2015 to now, I’ve posted a page every week (well, almost). I have to admit that in the beginning I had some major doubts. Multi-year projects have a way of wearing you down.

I needn’t have worried. I believe in the project today more than ever before. Thousands of kids and visitors to the WFFT will read this book and think about how human beings treat elephants. Maybe it will inspire some action. Even if it merely inspires some empathy, that’s enough to keep me going. I’ve found my life’s work.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading along. The support has meant so much to me! Please stay tuned as I update all of these pages to full color and push this thing out into the world.