Welcome to “Elephants: Wild Again!”.

This comic is a collaboration between myself and the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand. It’s meant to raise awareness of the issues that wild elephants face in Thailand. That sounds serious, and it is, but I think it can also be a lot of fun.

Over 10 years ago I met Edwin Wiek, the founder of the WFFT (apologies to the real life Edwin, who isn’t nearly as round as I drew him above). That first day he told me “we have a lot of fun here, but we take our work seriously.” To this day the WFFT remains a fun place with a serious, even crucial, job to do. I’ll do my best to fill the pages that follow with the same spirit of fun and seriousness. Please enjoy!

I’ll initially post a few pages to get things rolling, and then I’ll post pages here every week or so until the story is complete. Then we’ll give both Thai and English copies to kids who visit the WFFT’s wild animal rescue center in Petchaburi, Thailand.

Huge thanks to my friend Steve Fleming for writing the dialog and helping with the story. If anything the characters say makes sense and is grammatically correct, it’s because of him. I’m also grateful to comics artists Bryan Richmond and Gannon Beck for their webcomics class, which gave me the ability to actually get this site going!

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