Part of me wants the whole story to take place in this marsh. I could follow Maek and his mother around all day.

I recently spent an entertaining morning at the WFFT watching a baby elephant named Pin and her mother Bun. They arrived at the rescue center in July. At 8 months old, Pin was already up for sale at one of the elephant camps. Not wanting to see Pin sold and separated from her mother, a kind-hearted donor bought them both. Now Pin will grow up with her mother, and will never have to carry tourists around on her back. She’s a truly lucky elephant!

Pin and Bun’s story is just one reason why I support the WFFT with this (slooowly developing) comic book. Without their work and the people who support it, where would Pin and Bun be right now? Most of us would say we care about the lives of elephants like these, but it takes a special group of people to actually do something about it.