In 2014 the Sydney Morning Herald ran a story about the trade in baby elephants between Myanmar and Thailand. It clued me in to how common the problem is:

A two-year investigation by TRAFFIC into Thailand’s live elephant trade provides details of between 79 and 81 illegally captured wild elephants that were sold in Thailand for up to $US30,000 between 2011 and 2013.

The report went on to say that the actual numbers could be much higher. Now consider that every one of those wild caught elephants would have experienced what Maek is going through. Ugh! But don’t despair, there is hope. People in organizations like the WFFT and TRAFFIC are doing something about it.

My small part in this is to give kids (and grown ups) a glimpse of phajaan. It’s distressing but every story has its dark moments. I hope that the light that follows will inspire kids to be brave and help out where help is needed.