Great news for the comic: in our first few weeks on Patreon we’ve raised enough money to hire some help with the comic. Thanks patrons! Shout out to my friend and now patron of the comic Stephanie Campbell, who shelled out enough for one of the top tiers, and shall soon be drawn into the comic with her family. I’m thinking they’ll be screaming and running away from a rampaging elephant later in the chapter (spoiler alert!…or is it too late to say that after you spoil it?).

The help I want to hire is a flatter. A flatter prepares the art for color by filling in areas with color. The actual color choices are done by someone else, but flatting is an important first step, and now it’s a step we can start getting done!

In elephant news, another mahout was killed by an elephant at a tourist camp last week. News story here: It’s so “me” to end a post no a down note…sorry folks, I’m just reporting the news.