Every time I do a page I have high hopes that it’ll be the best art and most dramatic storytelling I’ve ever done. And I find again and again that I get it wrong. I think what I’m doing works. I focus on getting it done before my self-imposed deadline. I finish. I feel good. I look at it the next day, or the next week, and my heart sinks!

That’s what happened to the first panel on this page. I did it. A week or two later, I hated it.

How could I have thought this was ok? I thought I was better than this!

There are lessons to take from it about planning, storytelling, editing, etc. But the big lesson has to do more with who I am. My ego takes a hit when I put work out into the world that I don’t feel is my best. And then I wonder why is my ego hurting? How do I react to that discomfort? Should I be hard on myself, stay up late—redo the panel? Or let it slide like all those times I skipped my morning exercise routine?

In this case I didn’t have time to completely redo the panel. I redid the most offensive part of it, which was the character poses. It took about an hour. It’s not genius work, but it’s not embarrassing. I can go to sleep knowing I did my best for today, and not wanting to repeat that error, I’ll try harder next time to get it right.